Happy Ending

I took my pen and writing pad after a very long period.
Bhayya are you going to write a story? Asked my little sister with a lovely tone.
Yes dear, replied.
Will it be a happy ending story?
I paused for a moment, I lost the grip with the pen. After few seconds of silence i lifted my head and looked at her, her eyes were curious to know the answer.


Life was not much happier for the last couple of years, after we lost our parents. There was nothing left for us.
It was a long walk of struggle and pain to finally reach here in this small apartment.
I gave up everything for my little angel and started being a good parent, video games and fantasy novels could no longer entertain me. I was trying to be mom, dad, brother, sister everything i can, to raise my little angel.
She always had a curiosity but never asked me about our parents. May be she don’t want me to be sad, maybe she was not missing them.


I looked at her she was playing with her crayons, I took a 2hb pencil from the pen holder mug and started scribbling her face. It was the most familiar and easy to draw pic for me.
I do this all the now and then just to get relaxed, each time I try to make her more beautiful. Her eyes were as shiny as blackberries.
I finished it up and took the pen again, she was busy drawing coloring her new work.
she didn’t listen when i said, “It’s going to be the happiest story ever dear”.

I kept writing 🙂


The Impression

[A free time in office chatting with the girl whom I never spoken before sitting behind me through local IP messenger]

Me: Hi
She: hi
Me: Please do check my blog if you have time: madsoulofficial.wordpress.com
She: So you a writer?
Me: well I don’t know I’m just trying to build some audience on the blog so that when I write/draw something good it’ll reach out people.
She: I had a sneak peak, tell me a story now 😉
Me: a story?
She: ya anything like a flash fiction or something, lemme see what ya got :p
Me: well, ya let me think for a while.
She: okkie
Me: Once upon a time there was a guy who believed that one sided love is the purest form of love, No complaints, no demands and no risk of heart breaks and he thought, he could never express it but still pursue the love of his life forever.

And then I turned around and looked into those beautiful eyes trying to communicate my heartbeat.

She: The End?
Me: The End.


The Turn Over

He took off his tie with anger and frustration, James is having better turn over all the year don’t forget he was our employee once, He shouted to the manger.
That was our biggest mistake sir, he replied impassive.
Mister manager we are not here to judge our past mistakes but to plan the latest strategies and all i want is to get the next project to our team, the Swiss client is already eating my head with your delayed response. I want every single reports in my table now and schedule a team meeting early in the morning tomorrow, don’t miss anyone.
Yes sir, the manger left the cabin with his heads down.
He was very disappointed over the big loss, the clock struck 1 ‘o’ clock and there was nobody left in the office.

At Home :

It was 1.45 AM, are you OK? His wife asked smiling.
Can you just move away? I’ve got so much to do tomorrow he replied with a little arrogance.
Have some food at least, she begged in vein.
He went to his room and opened his mac book there was no confirmation mail till now from the new client.
Papa, you are here? His little girl asked opening her eyes with difficult.
Yes dear, you go to sleep now papa got some work here, he replied making a fake smile in his face.
Papa i was actually waiting for you.
Please baby we’ll talk tomorrow, i told you that i am dealing with very serious things here.
She handed him some coins and told, Papa i opened my piggy bank and it’s all for you, mamma was telling that you’re struggling to make money now will you talk to me?
He shocked to see his daughters act, after a few seconds of silence he hugged his daughter tight and kissed her on the forehead.
She whipped his tears, Papa are you happy now?


Unconditional love

That was a frustrated day for him, the client in Switzerland doesn’t like his new proposal and got beaten up by the boss like stray dog, habitual in an IT firm!
his phone was still prompting the messages and missed calls from her, that last message read “I won’t disturb u any more, the mistake was: I put u first than everything in my life, now I understood that I have to live in my way. bye 4 ever”
it was her 11000th message with same content, he knew that she can never change
she is the only one who knows him, but now the world is upside down, he wakes up each day to please the Swizz client.
He took a long breath and looked at his screen, it was all red! He couldn’t look at it any longer, he got up and left the cabin he didn’t even heard the manager shouting at him

At her place:

He pulled the door open, she never expected him there, and she walked at him and stood still for a moment. He took her hand and hold tight to his chest for a while and then took a blade from her wardrobe and scratched a weird heart symbol in her hand, that was outta nowhere and she didn’t feel any pain, she enjoyed each time when he drags the blade across she closed her eyes and hugged him tight.
He finished up said, my love for you is unconditional, I don’t know how to express it and I don’t care what others think.

She was still looking at the slightly bleeding hand

I am always a bad artist. huh?? Asked him smiling
No you are the best and I’d consider this as your master piece, they laughed.
Am too lucky to have you and this beautiful weird heart in my hand, Said she. Then he slowly moved his shirt aside n showed a rather bigger version of the masterpiece in his chest



Do Dreams Come True?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

I heard someone weeping in the dark
I saw some shadows creeping on the floor
I felt a tornado coming, I felt a volcano bursting
I was worried bad, coz someone is in a real bad condition
May be the death world baddie chasing him down
I wanna save him, but it ain’t no easy
I know, but have to
I tried to break the chains around my feet
I tried to escape from the cage
Which I’ve been living for years, but I couldn’t
I tried and tried and tried
I know that there’s no god that can save me, No religion I can trust
I never expected a miracle to happen
And save me and the guy in the dark
I thought of my love, who left me years ago
She was beautiful, the angel of my dreams
I could never be a good partner
I did have some other concern, never cared for her
Then I thought of my mom, who went away from me
With a drop of tears in her eyes
I could never make her happy, but she loved the headache punk
The only woman who loved me till the end
Then comes in my mind my friends, those who known as
My mind keepers, the one whom I trust the most, but I lost them either
Don’t know whether I lost them or they lost me
My old daydreams came next
I had a smile in my face after a decade, thanks to the guy in the dark
I’ve been trying all these time, slowly the chain got broken!
I couldn’t believe that I was free, I could barely stand on my feet
I crept, stood, walked to the darkest area to find that guy
I saw him yelling he wants someone to help him out
I went to him, I was shocked to see his face!
It wasn’t any other but ME!!!!!!!
I didn’t have words to spit, I was shivering badly
I thought I was seeing a nightmare, his face is half burnt
He was injured, I took off his handcuffs, stitched his wounds
Took him on my shoulder, he lead me to his small hut
Finally we reached there, I helped him to lay down
I felt sleepy too, I don’t know when I slept there
Suddenly I heard my mom calling me with a cup of coffee
I opened my eyes to realize that I was dreaming!