I used to describe myself as anonymous, lunatic, self proclaimed artist, writer, lyricist and techie.

I had a long run as a mysterious artist. The concept was, I wear a mask or face paint to hide my identity and do things with the name MADsoul a.k.a MADdy till i decided to take off the mask. I felt there is no point in being a batman in real life (i’m not a hero or vigilante), hence i decide to stop playing this masquerade partyΒ and show up my true self to the world.

I am just another guy from India, an engineer by profession and an artist by heart.
My name is Shibin K, an art enthusiast from the so called ‘gods own country’, Kerala. I born and brought up there and finally reached the garden city for graduation and started working in a software firm.
My passion for art is uncompromising. as Wang Yani said, “I do not paint to get praise from others, but to play a game of endless joy.”


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Thank you Maddy for being my 200th follower. And guess what Madhavan(Maddy) is one of my fav actors, my first boyfriends name was also Maddy. You have been special to me now!! Thanks for the follow and happy to have you aboard πŸ™‚
    Happy blogging!!!

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  2. I’m a girl and my friends call me maddy… hehe I like names that can be given to both men and women! lol funny when someone gets confused..
    I loved your art of Mother Teresa. Look forward to read and see more of your paintings and writings πŸ™‚ Have fun //

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