The Turn Over

He took off his tie with anger and frustration, James is having better turn over all the year don’t forget he was our employee once, He shouted to the manger.
That was our biggest mistake sir, he replied impassive.
Mister manager we are not here to judge our past mistakes but to plan the latest strategies and all i want is to get the next project to our team, the Swiss client is already eating my head with your delayed response. I want every single reports in my table now and schedule a team meeting early in the morning tomorrow, don’t miss anyone.
Yes sir, the manger left the cabin with his heads down.
He was very disappointed over the big loss, the clock struck 1 ‘o’ clock and there was nobody left in the office.

At Home :

It was 1.45 AM, are you OK? His wife asked smiling.
Can you just move away? I’ve got so much to do tomorrow he replied with a little arrogance.
Have some food at least, she begged in vein.
He went to his room and opened his mac book there was no confirmation mail till now from the new client.
Papa, you are here? His little girl asked opening her eyes with difficult.
Yes dear, you go to sleep now papa got some work here, he replied making a fake smile in his face.
Papa i was actually waiting for you.
Please baby we’ll talk tomorrow, i told you that i am dealing with very serious things here.
She handed him some coins and told, Papa i opened my piggy bank and it’s all for you, mamma was telling that you’re struggling to make money now will you talk to me?
He shocked to see his daughters act, after a few seconds of silence he hugged his daughter tight and kissed her on the forehead.
She whipped his tears, Papa are you happy now?



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