Happy Ending

I took my pen and writing pad after a very long period.
Bhayya are you going to write a story? Asked my little sister with a lovely tone.
Yes dear, replied.
Will it be a happy ending story?
I paused for a moment, I lost the grip with the pen. After few seconds of silence i lifted my head and looked at her, her eyes were curious to know the answer.


Life was not much happier for the last couple of years, after we lost our parents. There was nothing left for us.
It was a long walk of struggle and pain to finally reach here in this small apartment.
I gave up everything for my little angel and started being a good parent, video games and fantasy novels could no longer entertain me. I was trying to be mom, dad, brother, sister everything i can, to raise my little angel.
She always had a curiosity but never asked me about our parents. May be she don’t want me to be sad, maybe she was not missing them.


I looked at her she was playing with her crayons, I took a 2hb pencil from the pen holder mug and started scribbling her face. It was the most familiar and easy to draw pic for me.
I do this all the now and then just to get relaxed, each time I try to make her more beautiful. Her eyes were as shiny as blackberries.
I finished it up and took the pen again, she was busy drawing coloring her new work.
she didn’t listen when i said, “It’s going to be the happiest story ever dear”.

I kept writing 🙂