Unconditional love

That was a frustrated day for him, the client in Switzerland doesn’t like his new proposal and got beaten up by the boss like stray dog, habitual in an IT firm!
his phone was still prompting the messages and missed calls from her, that last message read “I won’t disturb u any more, the mistake was: I put u first than everything in my life, now I understood that I have to live in my way. bye 4 ever”
it was her 11000th message with same content, he knew that she can never change
she is the only one who knows him, but now the world is upside down, he wakes up each day to please the Swizz client.
He took a long breath and looked at his screen, it was all red! He couldn’t look at it any longer, he got up and left the cabin he didn’t even heard the manager shouting at him

At her place:

He pulled the door open, she never expected him there, and she walked at him and stood still for a moment. He took her hand and hold tight to his chest for a while and then took a blade from her wardrobe and scratched a weird heart symbol in her hand, that was outta nowhere and she didn’t feel any pain, she enjoyed each time when he drags the blade across she closed her eyes and hugged him tight.
He finished up said, my love for you is unconditional, I don’t know how to express it and I don’t care what others think.

She was still looking at the slightly bleeding hand

I am always a bad artist. huh?? Asked him smiling
No you are the best and I’d consider this as your master piece, they laughed.
Am too lucky to have you and this beautiful weird heart in my hand, Said she. Then he slowly moved his shirt aside n showed a rather bigger version of the masterpiece in his chest




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