Do Dreams Come True?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “All or Nothing?.”

I heard someone weeping in the dark
I saw some shadows creeping on the floor
I felt a tornado coming, I felt a volcano bursting
I was worried bad, coz someone is in a real bad condition
May be the death world baddie chasing him down
I wanna save him, but it ain’t no easy
I know, but have to
I tried to break the chains around my feet
I tried to escape from the cage
Which I’ve been living for years, but I couldn’t
I tried and tried and tried
I know that there’s no god that can save me, No religion I can trust
I never expected a miracle to happen
And save me and the guy in the dark
I thought of my love, who left me years ago
She was beautiful, the angel of my dreams
I could never be a good partner
I did have some other concern, never cared for her
Then I thought of my mom, who went away from me
With a drop of tears in her eyes
I could never make her happy, but she loved the headache punk
The only woman who loved me till the end
Then comes in my mind my friends, those who known as
My mind keepers, the one whom I trust the most, but I lost them either
Don’t know whether I lost them or they lost me
My old daydreams came next
I had a smile in my face after a decade, thanks to the guy in the dark
I’ve been trying all these time, slowly the chain got broken!
I couldn’t believe that I was free, I could barely stand on my feet
I crept, stood, walked to the darkest area to find that guy
I saw him yelling he wants someone to help him out
I went to him, I was shocked to see his face!
It wasn’t any other but ME!!!!!!!
I didn’t have words to spit, I was shivering badly
I thought I was seeing a nightmare, his face is half burnt
He was injured, I took off his handcuffs, stitched his wounds
Took him on my shoulder, he lead me to his small hut
Finally we reached there, I helped him to lay down
I felt sleepy too, I don’t know when I slept there
Suddenly I heard my mom calling me with a cup of coffee
I opened my eyes to realize that I was dreaming!




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