Let us not forget their martyrdom


I woke up early in the morning today unlike the normal days even if i had no plans for valentines day celebration, When i logged into Facebook I’ve seen many cute, wonderful, some crazy posts about valentines day.
i just skipped those candy posts and was scrolling down suddenly some posts caught my attention. We, the so called social media hero’s have a bad habit of spreading a news without knowing it’s reliability, we’ve killed many living and made someone shed tears without even knowing it.
And today’s victims were non other than the brave hero’s of our country, Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev Thapar and Shivaram Rajguru, Who were three great sons of India, who gave their lives in the struggle of bringing freedom and peace to our beloved motherland.


Bhagat Singh became the symbol of the new awakening among the youths, According to facts, Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev were sentenced to death in ‘Lahore conspiracy case’ and were ordered to be hanged on 24 March, 1931. But, the schedule was moved forward by 11 hours and they were actually executed on 23 March, 1931 at 7:30 pm. However, there has been a controversial ‘malicious campaign’ doing the rounds on social media, about the date of deaths of the three martyrs.
Whether it is a hoax or a rumuor, some claim that Bhagat Singh and his comrades were hanged on February 14, 1931, a day that is celebrated as Valentine’s day.

I’ve seen a lot of posts something which reads :
Most of us know 14th Feb as Valentine Day.. but in the morning of 14.02.1931 at Lahore, the legendaries were hanged to their deaths. We only celebrate valentine day.. Let us pass this message to every 1 we kno
w,to salute and pay respect to their sacrifice also.. Let Us Be An Indian First..!!

14 February. 1931 Bhagat Singh was sentenced to death by the British government on the same day

The following are Wikipedia page links to their pages :
1) Bhagat Singh
2) Sukhdev Thapar
3) Shivaram Rajguru

When rumors are spread on such sensitive issues, then, it shows that we are not giving sufficient acknowledgement for the sacrifices made by our great freedom fighters. Spreading misinformation about the date of their deaths is not only a mockery on their struggle, but also a conspiracy to spread feelings of hatred, on a day that is meant to spread love

So, it’s an appeal to all rumor mongers, please do not spread venomous propaganda by twisting the facts about the freedom fighters’ martyrdom.

Jai Hind

The Ugly Truth Behind Zuckerberg’s Tri Colour DP In The Name Of “Digital India”

Yesterday, the entire nation (including us) were gloating about how Mark Zuckerberg changed his display picture to our national colors and was supporting the ‘Digital India’ campaign. But a closer look at it, and turns out there’s an ugly truth behind it.

The agenda behind this DP change that Facebook has happily extended to all of us is to alleviate ‘’ – a service which will kill internet freedom and hurt small businesses massively. Remember all the net neutrality posts and videos that were going viral, and we all were hand in hand supporting it? By changing your display picture to the Tri color, you have officially voted against Net Neutrality.

Some internet nerds pulled out the source code to identify this :



Now, we don’t get the particulars ourselves, but our tech friends tell us that FB is using the profile picture change to claim our support for and sharing this information with the DoT.

so much propaganda. So, are we seeing a massive number of profile changes today again?

Ref : MADoverMarketing