The Unnamed Art



Hi everyone,

It’s been a passive month and i wanted to post something here, so here we are.

Every painting has a story, and this is a simple and quickly done painting one or two years back and the crazy thing about it is that I did it on a night before my final semester exams  :p

I haven’t named it yet so feel free to call it anything you like 🙂



Why normal people worry me

Normal people worry me. They make me a little uncomfortable, let me explain.

I don’t believe many people are ‘normal’ and if they are that kind of makes them a bit abnormal in itself. However, a lot of people pretend to be normal and these are the one that worry me.

Firstly they worry me because I’m afraid that they are not being honest to themselves. They are repressing all their weird little quirks and foibles, the things that make us interesting and unique. Repressed thoughts and feeling often have a way of growing and developing into something darker, less healthy and much more worrying. They impact on peoples psyches and create serious behavioral problems.

Secondly they worry me because if they are being honest with themselves then they are not being honest with me. Psychologists recognize the fact that people who are portraying one thing and feeling another cause discomfort and distrust in those around them. They say that we are picking up on their in congruence, the fact that the inside doesn’t match the outside.

Thirdly I have found that on the whole people who consider themselves ‘normal’ tend to be a bit ‘judgey’ on those who are more comfortable with their inner freak. They tend to lack empathy and understanding that we don’t all have to come from the same mold in order to be happy, healthy valuable members of society.

Lastly they tend to be a bit dull. This dullness combined with a tendency to judge can take the wind out of the most creative and fun souls, leaving the world less interesting.

So if we ever get to meet, don’t try to pass yourself off as normal.

Let your Freak flag fly.

I’ll be waving mine too.