Why Am I Writing This Blog?

Why in the world am I writing this blog?

I thought the answer was that I am writing for me. Well if that is so, why am I posting my blog to the world? I could write privately and never share this. I never need to post it public. But I am. Doesn’t that confuse you a little bit? Of course you are confused.

I used to scribble my thoughts in paper and never showed anyone, coz my handwriting was pretty weird and I used to be a laughing stock in my class. So I was disgraced to show it to anyone, I kept on tearing the papers or hiding my creations. Thinking of this made me go mad. Then I decided to use the new gen equipment’s to express my thoughts, in the meanwhile I was trying to improve my handwriting too.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I couldn’t read a lot of blogs or even books, but those I’ve read were all impressive and inspiring. There are millions of young bloggers out there. Each one writing about their opinions, their lives, their views but in an untold ways. It appears to me that the most popular blogs are sarcastic, funny, mocking other personalities and sometimes polite in their language. I’m not sure which way I am going to choose, as I don’t have basic knowledge about the structure and manner of a blog. So my conclusion is that as my name suggests my ideas, views and thoughts are kind of MAD and super crazy sometimes. I don’t have an idea about my future gimmick

Why am I writing this blog again?

I don’t want to put a lot of credibility on numbers or followers and lose my original intent or perspective.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I put my feelings on my words and tell my stories from the bottom of my heart. I say things that others would be embarrassed to shout out to the world. I confess the truth and project my emotions for all to see. I post it and hold my breath.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I am not going to write according to what I think people want to read. What I think they want to hear. I’m not going to adapt my style to find an audience or a market. I’m not here to sing the audience to sleep.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I want to write from a place of humility, compassion and understanding. I want to write from a point of finding universal feelings of youth where someone who thinks they are alone in their thoughts will find that they aren’t. That someone else understands. But I can’t find those people specifically.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I just counted that I was using the word “I” over and over. Perhaps this blog is nothing more than a self-indulgent waste of time where I have deemed myself more important than I am.

Why am I writing this blog again?

I just want to make a difference, I would like to think in a way no one else ever think of thinking, I would like to take the road less taken. The way I’ve been through might help someone else. So if I help someone or even one person I guess I just remembered

why I am writing this blog again?

If you found this then YOU are the reason I am writing this blog. Because you see, I am a normal person like you. If you are reading this it is simply because you read my blogs. You follow them on your own, unprompted, because they must mean something to you. So you, my friend, are the reason I am writing this blog again

With love Shibin


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